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Welcome Colleague!

If you’re here, that means you have been invited to be one of our clinical experts for the Evidence-Based Summit: ACL Edition.

How it works:

Watching Video Lecture

Step One:

We set up a time to record our ACL topic discussion over Zoom.

Image by Austin Distel

Step Three:

We also release the podcast to Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Online Convention

Step Two:

We turn the recording into an episode for the Evidence-Based Summit ACL Edition.

Image by Daniel Korpai

Step Four:

We cut the episode into clips for your social media.

You also have the option to join our collaboration project.
Here is how it works:

Image by Marielle Ursua

Step One:

We give you a unique link to the Summit registration page.

Image by Andre Taissin

Step Three:

Whenever a purchase is made: 

  • 50% goes to you ($24)

  • 10% goes to stripe + platform fees

  • 40% comes to us

Image by Nathan Ansell

Step Two:

Attendees are presented with an option to purchase the ACL Toolkit for $48.

Image by Tye Doring

Step Four:

Regardless of whether somebody buys the Toolkit, they get to tune into our discussion completely for free.

Our Team.

We're a handful of researchers based remotely across 4 countries who all work on this project part-time. Each one of us takes on a different role depending on our areas of strength.

We've each had our individual frustrations with research dissemination and translation into clinical practice throughout our careers, which is why we're so excited to be making a difference in this space. If you're a physiotherapist, physical therapist or any healthcare provider working in the area of performance, injury and recovery - we're here for you.

Stephanie Parker

Admin & Operations

Who are you: A book-lover


Favourite movie: Pride & Prejudice (2005)


Best dog: Cocker Spaniel


A great song: All Too Well


Meaning of life: Good food, great wine, incredible books, fantastic friends

Matty Edwards

Tech & Finance

Abigail Harling

Research & Partnerships

Kyle van Heerden

Presenting & Copywriting

Who are you: A one-size-fits-none


Favourite movie: 21 Jump Street


Best dog: Labrador


A great song: Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time


Meaning of life: Beating Elon and Jared Leto to Mars

Who are you: An adventurer


Favourite movie: Up


Best dog: Pug


A great song: Cover Me In Sunshine


Meaning of life: To create memories with those we love

unnamed (1).jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

Who are you: A renegade


Favourite movie: About Time


Best dog: Staffie


A great song: Dancing In The Dark


Meaning of life: More coffee, please

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