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Get your patients stronger, faster


Get the exact secrets and strategies that this Masters student used
when he combined sport science research with evidence-based training
to become a 4-time champion powerlifter

Discover how you can replicate the exact 4-part blueprint

that Ed used in this Action-Based Course:


Discover how you can replicate the exact 4-part blueprint

that Ed used in this Action-Based Course:

12 Short and powerful lessons

to arm and equip you with the lesser-known tools, tips and tactics

for improving strength.

Ed helped me get
& 21 National records

"I have had the privilege of being one of Edgar’s powerlifting athletes for 5 years now.


He is extremely knowledgeable
about everything he does
and will always be able to give you
an explanation or concept that you will understand.


Today he has coached me to be strong physically as well as mentally and that has molded me into the athlete I am today.

I have 3 World Records, 21 Nationals records and have placed best overall female teen lifter at Nationals all under the guidance of Edgar."

-Nicole Weideman


Here's why you're battling
to get your clients, patients and athletes strong:

  • There's so much more to strength than just putting weight on the bar.

  • There are several principles that most healthcare professionals forget about when it comes to strength.

  • Not knowing how to fully utilise tools and techniques such as the principle of irradiation, neural drive and neutral zones significantly reduces the rate of improvement and development.

Here is how much this is costing you:

The trust of your patients

People come to you for results

  • Clients want to get stronger quicker than they would be able to alone.

  • Patients want to get their injury better faster than they would be able to alone.

  • Athletes want to rapidly improve their strength and ability to outpace their competition.

Are you 100% confident in your ability to be their solution?

Your professional image

You need to be the best person for the job.

Getting word of mouth and professional referrals is easy when you're known as the go-to expert on a topic.

However, having cracks in your knowledge leads to the opposite happening.

Leaving money on the table

  • Getting results leads to a fully booked calendar.

  • Optimising outcomes gets you streams of referrals and feet through the door.

  • Being known as an expert allows you to charge more.

However, every day that you don't have a bulletproof strength plan is costing you easy money that should have been yours.

Proven Methods

Ed doesn't just teach about this -
he has lived it.

Ed's Masterclass reveals

the exact 4 essential steps

and scientific principles that he used

to transform himself

into a 4-time world-class powerlifter.


Learn from an international strength coach who has used these principles to help himself and his clients obtain incredible results.


Upgrade your knowledge
in just one weekend:


By next week you will have:

replaced the confusion of strength training with a plan of clarity.


Within a few days you will have:

replaced the uncertainty around questions regarding strength with
the ability to answer those questions
with confidence.

Discover how you can replicate the exact 4-part blueprint

that Ed used in this Action-Based Course:


Discover how you can replicate the exact 4-part blueprint

that Ed used in this Action-Based Course:

12 Short and powerful lessons

to arm and equip you with the lesser-known tools, tips and tactics

for improving strength.

Ed transformed the way I train

"Having Edgar as a coach has
transformed the way I train.


Every few months I look back and, without realizing,


have exceeded any short term goals

I may have set for myself.


Edgar has helped me build strength - especially mentally which I've found is an area coaches often overlook.


He has had my back and believed in my potential
from day one - pushing me to do better than
I thought I was capable of."


- Gareth Meyer


Our 12-lesson plan of action:

Normal price: $49

Module 5.png
Module 9.png
Module 6.png
Module 10.png
Module 3.png
Module 7.png
Module 11.png
Module 8.png
Module 12.png

Bonus 1

Workbook action steps
Value: $47

What good is knowledge if you don't put it into practice?


What makes this course different from others is that it is all about TAKING ACTION!


Download the Workbook action steps and follow the questions and prompts from each lesson to get the absolute most out of this course.


You don't need more information.

You need a transformation.


These actions steps are your guide to getting that.

Bonus 1.png
Bonus 2.png

Bonus 2:

Downloadable MP3 Audio Versions
Value: $20

Download the whole course as MP3s onto your laptop, iPad or phone to finish the whole course podcast-style!


Want to get through the course but don't have time to sit and watch all the lessons?


Download the MP3 audio so that you can listen to the lessons while you do other things!


Perhaps while cleaning, cooking, driving or any other admin.


This will allow you to multi-task as your heart desires!

Bonus 3:

Professional Notes & Summaries
Value: $27

The biggest barrier to keeping up with research and staying evidence-based is time.


So to save you time, energy and effort, we've written out professional notes and comprehensive summaries of each lesson.


  • You can use these to consume all of the information within record time.

  • Use them as a refresher so that you don't forget anything.

  • Plus they will help to condense and simplify all of the teachings to reduce information overload.

Bonus 3.png

Bonus 4:

Social Media Infographics
Value: $20

If you're more of a visual learner - then we have translated some of the main points from each lesson into an infographic for you!


You can also share your new hard-won and well-deserved knowledge on social media with your:


Clients & patients, friends & family,
referring practitioners & future business partners


We have made 5 versions of each infographic so that you can demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as an expert on the topic of strength on multiple platforms:

  • Instagram Post + Instagram Story + Facebook Post
    + Facebook Story + Pinterest Pin

Bonus 4.png

Bonus 5:

Complete Downloadable Transcripts
Value: $20

Want to find a particular word, sentence or phrase but don't want to re-listen to the entire video or audio lesson?


Want to find the exact wording or phrasing without rewinding back?


Want to read along with the lessons?


Want to copy and paste portions into your own notes?


Then you'll absolutely love the full transcripts!

Bonus 5.png

Bonus 6:

Downloadable Videos
Value: $47

No electricity? No Wifi?

Just click the download button to watch the video lessons offline whenever you want!


This means you'll have lifetime access to all this knowledge as you'll be able to store and keep the lessons on your personal devices.


This course is about putting you first because our mission, passion and obsession is getting practical research to you and implemented within your practice in ways that are easy, quick and as effortless as possible.

Bonus 6.png

That's a $220 value,
yours for just $10

The only way to guarantee failure is to never try.

Behind the scenes tour

money back.png

What if I don't
learn anything new?

Here is our guarantee to you:


We would never punish you for being a knowledgeable clinician!


You can complete this course in a weekend but we'll still give you a full 30 days to complete it.


If, during that time, you go through the whole course and complete all the workbooks and then still feel as if you either didn't learn anything new or didn't get the value that you hoped for, then we'll give you


100% of your money back

and even let you keep the course material.


Seriously, we are 100% confident that you'll find value from this course.
We're here to help you become the best clinician possible and if we can't do that then we don't deserve your money.

Discover how you can replicate the exact 4-part blueprint

that Ed used in this Action-Based Course:


Discover how you can replicate the exact 4-part blueprint

that Ed used in this Action-Based Course:

12 Short and powerful lessons

to arm and equip you with the lesser-known tools, tips and tactics

for improving strength.

I am already
on target to reach
my previous best

"I've been out of training for about 2 and a half years and Edgar gladly took me on as a powerlifting client.

It hasn't been a walk in the park, but it's been worth it and I'm so excited to see where we go from here.

With only 12 weeks back in, I am already on target to reach my previous best and exceed even further. "

-Nicole September


Watch the feedback from clinicians who have taken our previous courses:

"It's like watching a series.

You know you don't have time to watch another episode but you want to so you do.

When attending a talk or course, I usually struggle to focus for even half an hour but because the videos were short, I felt accomplished after each one and I could take a break every 10 to 15 minutes.

I found the layout very user friendly and I liked that I could work through it in my own time."

- Kalinka Terre Blanche

Clinician at Rainsford Biokinetics

"The way the course was set up was so ideal.

If I could fit the whole course in one day, I think I would have. But it's like a series. Every time you're like one more episode, just one more, one more module.


From the beginning, I understood the flow right until the end. It was very user friendly.


The materials help you stay on top of the game for every session you go into. "


- Jodie Vermeulen

Clinician at SA Biokinetics INC

"You went a step further and said how can we practically implement this with the client.

Most courses they would just say yes instead of using this, use this, and that's pretty much the end of it.


But they don't really get into the specifics of, okay, how would you change your approach if you're using method B instead of your usual method?


And that's what I also love about that specific module."


- Brendon Marais

Clinician at bmbio

"Definitely a lot of value for money"

"and enthusiasm for your career. The other thing was the practical advice. Lots of info but broken down into steps: practical steps. "

"This has been like Christmas for me"


"I'm very scientific and I try to be as evidence-based as I can. And this has been like christmas for me; learning and doing this course."

We have one more gift for you:

Free interview with Ed on

Unlocking your clients' and patients' true potential with strength secrets, tips & tactics

What you'll know after this jam-packed discussion:

- The standards of strength.

- Strategies for priming the nervous system to illicit maximal strength.

- Practical techniques that practitioners can use for strength development.

- Where do endurance and power modalities fit into the strength continuum.

- Behind-the-scenes of what the gym routine of an elite strength athlete looks like.

- Optimal frequency & periodization for improving strength long-term without burnout.

- Accessory exercise ideas for creating sufficient stability.

- The science behind why mindset matters for strength.


We've got A's for your Q's

Why only $10?

This is a one time offer only.  

Once the timer runs out, you'll never get this offer again.

You'll still be able to purchase the course but at a much higher price point.

For how long will I have access to it?


How does lifetime access sound?

You'll always have access to the content and ALL future updates to the course.

No matter how much we add, you'll never have to pay another drop.

Who is this for?

This is only for healthcare professionals that want to improve the strength of their athletes, clients and patients.

Who is this not for?


If you don't work in an exercise-based environment or within the healthcare system, then this isn't for you.

When can I get started?


Right away! It is a self-paced online course, which means that you'll be emailed login details to access the course platform from the comfort of your home
(or anywhere in the world).

What if I am really busy?


There is no rush because you'll have LIFETIME access to all the content.


Too busy to watch the lessons? No problem - you'll get access to the audio feeds from each lesson to listen to on the go.


Too busy to watch or listen? No problem - we have professional notes and summaries of each lesson.


All lessons are short and concise because we value your time and we strongly stand against long, boring lectures!  

What support is there if I get stuck?

We're always one email away!

For any kind of technical or educational support, reach out to us and we'll sort you out as soon as possible.

What if I still have more questions?

Please email and Steph will answer all your questions for you.


Make your choice

Hi, my name is Edgar Katushabe and I would love for you to come with me on this journey as I share my best advice on how to handle and work with strength athletes.


I am a 4-time National Powerlifting Champ, I have an Honours degree in Biokinetics and a Masters degree in Human Movement Science, I have coached athletes to National and World Records.


One of my proudest moments was coming second in the Junior World Bench Press at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Champs.


In this course, I share the exact methodology that I use with my clients for a fraction of the price.


Nothing can change unless you do first.


I would be honoured to share my knowledge and experience with you - are you in?

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