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Are you ready to unlock your Biokinetics potential
and power-up your ACL prescriptions?

A free 4 day educational virtual series

to give you the latest evidence-based tools, tips and tactics
for successfully strengthening your ACL patients

31 October - 03 November 2022

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Want to find out all that your free ticket unlocks?

Watch the video below if you're ready to transform your ACL rehab!

The details:


Each session will go live
daily at 6pm SAST from Monday 31 October to Thursday 3 November.
Replays will be available
until Thursday 10 November.


You can watch from anywhere, as the sessions will be streamed into the private Facebook group that you'll get access to once you register.
Replays will be available
off Facebook for those
who register.


Register for this event.

Check your emails for the
invite to the Facebook group.

Tune in at 6PM or watch

the replays.


The event is free to attend.

Once you register, you'll get the option of upgrading your ticket to purchase the paid bundle, which is to raise money for the Kids Haven charity and to host more free educational events like this.

Our amazing line-up:


Three advanced rehab strengthening techniques
you should be using but aren't.


- With Kyle van Heerden


Kyle acl.png
Rehabit ACL.png


How to automate ACL prescriptions and reporting
to save an hour a day in admin.


- With Rehabit Team

Ian De Jager, Pieter Faber & Jedd Campbell

(Software-Centric Clinicians)


Unlocking the true potential of your patients
with strength secrets, tips and tactics
from a champion powerlifter.


- With Edgar Katushabe

(Powerlifting Champion)

Ed ACL.png
Mark ACL.png


How to approach strengthening

from an endurance perspective.


- With Mark Stevens

(Clinician & Ultra-marathon athlete)


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

It doesn't cost a cent to attend the event.

However, once you have registered you will get the option to upgrade your ticket to the paid bundle, which includes resources from all of the contributors.

All profits go towards the Kids Haven charity and to hosting more free educational events like this.

Is this only for Bio's?


It sure is!

This is an event created by Biokineticists for Biokineticists.

ACL rehab is a big topic so this event is a deep dive into just one portion of the rehab, which is end-phase strengthening.

What will I learn?

We've brought in a variety of experts in the field of strength so that you can learn about the latest research, tips, tricks, tactics and strategies from a researcher, powerlifting champion, Ironman coach and software-centric clinicians.

When and where is this taking place?


From Monday 31 October - Thursday 3 November, we'll be streaming at 6PM (SAST) every day into the private Facebook group that you'll get access to once you register.

What if I still have more questions?

Please email and Steph will answer all your questions for you.

Will I learn about ACL evaluations, return to sport criteria or other parts of ACL rehab?


No. ACL rehab is a massive topic that would take weeks to comprehensively cover.

This is a deep dive into just one part of the rehab - getting your patients strong again.
All discussions will revolve around strengthening research, protocols, tips and strategies.

Will there be replays?

You'll be able to watch the replays in the Facebook group up until the 10th of November.

For those who don't have Facebook, we'll also make the replays available on a separate website.

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