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The Biokineticist's ultimate guide to strengthening clients, patients and athletes:


Four virtual sessions to arm and equip Bio's with the latest scientific methods and strategies in strength training to upgrade their skills, boost their confidence and catapult their knowledge to the next level.

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Strength training recommendations for endurance athletes:

Reviewing the strength training recommendations of volume, type, load and frequency to benefit endurance sporting performance and explaining the physiological adaptions that take place.

Meet Mark Stevens

Mark's motto in life is to 'Be Prepared’ (scouts will know) and he prides himself on this whether it’s in his personal life, his sporting ambition or his business.

He is a passionate sports lover, and in 2010 translated this passion into a career when he completed his honours degrees in both Sport Science and in Biokinetics.


Today, he runs a private practice in his hometown of Benoni, Gauteng where he works with patients that range from those simply requiring assistance with movement, neurological disease sufferers, sporting injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.

Mark is a keen endurance athlete and has completed a number of ABSA Cape Epics, Joberg2c's & Sani2c's as well as four half Ironman distances, with his first full Ironman distance looming in April after a two year pandemic postponement. His first love is sports science and after completing his IronmanU Coaching Certification, he has also taken on coaching novice endurance athletes for their first Comrades Marathon, all distances of triathlon and endurance cycling events.


Through the coaching aspect of his business and participating in endurance sports himself, Mark has found himself wanting to teach and share his knowledge of exercise to make a difference in the lives of those that he meets and strives to help them reach their potential.


He believes that exercise is a deeply underutilized tool, especially in a country such as South Africa, and his aim is to use his professional expertise to change the narrative.

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Call: +27 72 460 5749


Practice Address:

212 Howard Avenue

Western Extension



Mark's experience and knowledge has been changing lives for years

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Mark has a long history of putting

science and research into practice

for his endurance athletes as well as himself.

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