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Fast Action Price: only $27 for the next few minutes! (70% off)

Defeating the 5 levels of Achilles tendinopathy

Are you ready to learn the step by step guide to increase patient compliance and success?

If you're done with the constant struggles, frustrations and nagging

to get patients to do their exercises...

Then it is time for you to

gamify your tendon rehab!

Gamify 1.jpg

A quick test to see if this is right for you:

  • 1) You're a Physiotherapist, Physical Therapist or clinician that practises orthopedic rehabilitation.

  • 2) You are looking for an
    evidence-based way to improve patient retention, compliance and results.

  • 3) You're ready to learn about a new, interesting and exciting way to book your diary full and get more referrals.

Then this will sound familiar...


You love the motivation that patients have those first few weeks
but then life gets busy and they miss a follow up session with you...



Then another. And then another.



Eventually they return your calls and say the exercises that you prescribed are not working BUT you have that gut feeling that they never even did them.


Sometimes the best way to help our patients AND our business is to get them to WANT to do the entire rehab program with you, start to finish!

Here is the real reason why your patients disappear after a few weeks, and chances are,

it is something you have never even considered, until now.

Gamify 2.png

Most PTs face one major (hidden) obstacle when it comes to booking out their diary and growing their business.

What is it?

Patients don't come back for their follow up sessions because the rehab is BORING.

And boring rehab doesn't get done!

Let's make rehab fun again!

How will this help me?



Patients that look forward to their rehab are far less likely to miss sessions with you as they have made it a priority because it's a process that they actually ENJOY.



Getting more patients over the finish line means more people RAVING to friends and family about your fun, unique and powerful approach to rehab.



Turn one of the worst events of somebody’s life into an enjoyable experience that they could grow from and come out stronger on
the other side.



It is easier to get
the healthcare professionals around you to


  • hear about you

  • meet you

  • refer to you


when you're known for combining scientific research-backed prescriptions with interactive story-based rehab programs.

What this DOESN'T mean!

Gamify 3.jpg


creating a new program every week!

Gamify 4.jpg


expensive equipment or fancy techniques needed!

Gamify 5.jpg


making up new exercises that nobody has heard of

or knows how to do!

Gamify 6.jpg

and become the clinician who empowers their patients
through an interactive rehab adventure that:

Helps you book out your diary with follow up sessions through increased patient retention.

Gamify 7.jpg

Increases referrals by turning patients into raving fans that tell friends and family about the UNIQUE experience that they had with you.

Gamify 7.jpg

Helps you stand out from your competition and gets other practitioners excited about working with your individualised approach.

Gamify 7.jpg

Turns a research-backed

and criteria-based exercise program into a point-based game that your patients LOVE you for.

Gamify 7.jpg

Dramatically improves patient compliance so that exercise prescriptions actually get done and they finally get out of pain.

Gamify 7.jpg

Helps patients feel motivated to get through their ENTIRE rehab program, instead of stopping after a few weeks.

Gamify 7.jpg

Here is your step-by-step guide
to unlocking an upgraded
tendon treatment approach

Gamify 8.jpg

This course isn't here to just teach you more Achilles rehab exercises!


These 6 modules contain short videos and workbooks

that have all been carefully and specifically designed to:


  • 1) Change the way you think about rehab and program design

  • 2) Move you forward to easily and quickly implement these changes in your business

  • 3) Improve patient compliance and success to help you grow your business and help more people


We prioritise transformation over information as we show you our system

of gamifying rehab with points, levels, monsters, upgrades and missions.

Gamify 9.jpg

Start New Game:

Your introduction

and resource guide


In this first module, we'll go over the basics of gamification and how we applied it to an Achilles tendinopathy program.

Gamify 10.jpg

Level 1:

Escaping the Swamp Serpent

to get out of pain and start tendon loading.


In the second module, we'll work through using our Targeted Tendon Treatment System
to figure out where to start

in the Achilles rehab continuum.

Gamify 11.jpg

Level 2:

Conquering the Forest Spider

to develop muscle endurance

and return to walking.


In module 3, we dive into the exercise criteria required for developing muscle endurance
and our "unlocks and upgrades"

to keep the process fun.

Gamify 9.jpg

Level 3:

Beating the Mountain Troll

to develop muscle strength and return to jogging.


In module 4, we explore the points-based system where patients unlock the "Shield of Strength" and pass our criteria for returning to jogging.

Gamify 10.jpg

Level 4:

Destroying the Lava Giant

to develop muscle power

and return to running.


In module 5, the explosive level is all about activating the stretch-shortening cycle with plyometrics.

Gamify 11.jpg

Level 5:

Slaying the Evil Dragon

to recapture the castle

and return to sport.


The last module will give an overview of the return to sport criteria for athletes. This is essentially the final battle.

This isn't just an Achilles tendinopathy course.

It is a transformational process

that will take you from

From the average,
Physio into
an inspired & exciting clinician with a unique evidence-based rehab system.

Gamify 15.jpg

"It's like watching a series.

You know you don't have time to watch another episode but you want to so you do.

When attending a talk or course, I usually struggle to focus for even half an hour but because the videos were short, I felt accomplished after each one and I could take a break every 10 to 15 minutes.

I found the layout very user friendly and I liked that I could work through it in my own time."

- Kalinka Terre Blanche

Clinician at Rainsford Biokinetics

"The way the course was set up was so ideal.

If I could fit the whole course in one day, I think I would have. But it's like a series. Every time you're like one more episode, just one more, one more module.


From the beginning, I understood the flow right until the end. It was very user friendly.


The materials help you stay on top of the game for every session you go into. "


- Jodie Vermeulen

Clinician at SA Biokinetics INC

"You went a step further and said how can we practically implement this with the client.

Most courses they would just say yes instead of using this, use this, and that's pretty much the end of it.


But they don't really get into the specifics of, okay, how would you change your approach if you're using method B instead of your usual method?


And that's what I also love about that specific module."


- Brendon Marais

Clinician at bmbio

"Definitely a lot of value for money"

"and enthusiasm for your career. The other thing was the practical advice. Lots of info but broken down into steps: practical steps. "

- Annamarie van Zyl

Clinician at van Zyl Wait Biokineticists

"This has been like Christmas for me"


"I'm very scientific and I try to be as evidence-based as I can. And this has been like christmas for me; learning and doing this course."

- Christie Wolhuter

Clinician at CW Biokinetics

Okay, how much is my investment?

Our pre-order price is one payment of $47 (a 50% savings)

Why only $47?

This special offer is for a VERY limited time as the course will only be released on Monday 29 August 2022.

This is because we are currently still filming all the modules and finishing up the bonus resources.

Will the price
go up?


Once the course is released on Monday 29 August, it will be $97.

Here is your step-by-step guide
to unlocking an upgraded
tendon treatment approach

Gamify 8.jpg

Empowering professional athletes to compete at the highest level

athlete 1.png

"The margins at the top of the sport are so small and knowing what I do now, I am confident that I can be one step ahead of my competition."

- Henri Schoeman
(Olympic Medal Winner)

athlete 2.png

"This gives me confidence in my training and racing."


- Philip Buys
(Olympic Athlete/ African Mountain Bike Champion)

athlete 3.png

"now I have a better understanding of how I perform. Now I can work on that and make my natural strengths even better.”

- Pieter du Toit
(Professional Cyclist)

Hi, I'm Kyle


"I am part of the research team at Research Raconteur as well as the educator that will be guiding you through this course.

We aim to combine storytelling with high-quality scientific studies because we understand the engaging power of a good story.

We're obsessed with finding fun, easy and interesting ways of disseminating important clinical research so that you can save time, energy and effort while keeping your physical therapy evidence-based."

Gamify 20.png

Equipping clinicians to practice at the highest level:

clinician 1.png

"Best possible motivation to lose that tyre around the waist"

- Dr Leigh Gordon

Sports Physician

clinicain 2.jpg

"A whole new avenue
to be able to help people"


- Rochelle Duarte
Clinician at Biogrit

"thoroughly researched and very clearly presented and explained to me in a way that I feel I can start tomorrow"


- Dr Natalie Christie

(Clinician in Port Alfred)

"helped me to understand my rapid weight loss in response to intense exercise.”



- Martinette Basson

(Clinician in Stellenbosch)

“The info was explained in a easy and practical manner so that a lay person could understand and remember much better."


- Petro Waanders

(Clinician in Potchefstroom)

Quick Recap

Here is everything you'll get when you pre-order this course

6 Modules

Each module is packed with short and impactful, step by step video lessons that take you through our gamification of an Achilles tendinopathy rehab program.

5 Workbooks & templates

Each level comes with a workbook to take you through our gamification of Achilles tendinopathy exercises, phases and progressions.

Audio feeds & transcripts

Grab the audio feed if you're on the go or scan the transcript to find parts you want to reference.

Here is your step-by-step guide
to unlocking an upgraded
tendon treatment approach

Gamify 8.jpg

Informing our patients of the latest evidence:

"I now understand how to structure my training in terms of endurance and power/strength and that I can benefit from adding power/strength training to my program."


- Martinus Victor

(Managing Director at Victor Soap Industries)

"I feel empowered to recover well, avoid injury, and build strength. Thank you!”

- Raynique Ducie

(Director of a PR & Marketing Agency)

I have learnt how to reach my full potential in training. I was grateful for Kyle being able to take what I was doing before and adjust it by making small but extremely helpful ones."

- Sarah Lutz


"Looking forward to adopt a new and improved training plan, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses in MY cells in terms of, not only types of exercise, but also predisposition to possible injuries and recovery ability.”


- Ane Eicker

(Payroll Accountant)

“I learnt a great deal about my body, my sporting ability and what works for me."

- Jono Ducie

(Communications Manager)


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

Early Bird price is $47 up until
Sunday 28 August 2022.


Normal price is $97.

For how long will I have access to it?


How does lifetime access sound?

You'll always have access to the content and ALL future updates to the course.

No matter how much we add, you'll never have to pay another drop.

Is this really only for Physical Therapists & Physiotherapists?

Yup! This course is only for healthcare professionals involved in orthopedic rehabilitation of pathologies such as Achilles tendinopathy.

If that isn't within your scope then this course really isn't for you.

When can I get started?


Right away! It is a self-paced online course, which means that you'll be emailed login details to access the course platform from the comfort of your home
(or anywhere in the world).

What if I am really busy?


There is no rush because you'll have LIFETIME access to all the content.


Too busy to watch the lessons? No problem - you'll get access to the audio feeds from each lesson to listen to on the go.


Too busy to watch or listen? No problem - we have professional notes and summaries of each lesson.


All lessons are short and concise because we value your time and we strongly stand against long, boring lectures!  

Can I only use this with children
or adults as well?


Gamification works on all ages.

According to surveys by Statistica, AARP & ESA:

  • 68% of gamers are over 18 years old.

  • The average gamer is 33 years old with 45% being female.

  • There are more adult women playing games than under 18 year old boys. 

  • 59% of all Americans play games with there being more gamers over 36 than in the 18 - 35 age group. 

  • In the 18 - 29 age group, 60% of gamers are female.

  • The average board gamer is 35 - 44.

  • 22% of women gamers 55 – 64 years old have been playing for over 25 years.

How do I know if this will work?
Is there any evidence?

As of 2021, we have found 42 high quality clinical studies of gamification improving outcomes in a rehabilitation setting. 


According to the scientific evidence, gamification can improve motivation, engagement and overall outcome in physiotherapy in orthopedic, neurological and gait rehabilitation.


We cover the research in more detail within the course and use Achilles tendinopathy as a specific example.

Who is this not for?


If you don't work in an exercise-based environment or within the healthcare system, then this isn't for you.

What support is there if I get stuck?

We're always one email away!

For any kind of technical or educational support, reach out to us and we'll sort you out as soon as possible.

Will I have to buy any equipment
or software to gamify my rehab?


You won’t have to purchase a single thing. We’re showing you how to take exactly what you currently do and modify it in a way that stimulates the 8 core human drives. It is about the psychology of positioning your rehab, not any fancy technology.

Will I or my patients need to learn
to use an app, website or software to gamify rehab?


There is no tech involved in this process at all. We give you templates to show you examples of how you can include elements of gamification without any platform or software to run it on. 

Where does this take place?

It is a self-paced online course, which means that you'll be emailed login details to access the course platform from the comfort of your home
(or anywhere in the world).

What happens if I don't
do this course?

If you are the kind of person who wants to figure it out on their own and hope that something improves, then this course isn't for you.


If you want an easy to implement, step-by-step approach with fill-in-the-blank templates to save you time, energy and effort - then definitely enroll in this course.

What if I still have more questions?

Please email and Steph will answer all your questions for you.

It's time for you to make one of two choices:

The first choice is to choose to do nothing.

And as you already know, if you choose nothing then nothing changes and nothing improves.

BUT if you know that you're the kind of practitioner than doesn't settle for average and you're ready to try something new in your practice then

this program is for you!

Let's take more responsibility for helping our patients, improving our prescriptions and growing our practice.

Let's do it together.

Gamify 21jpg.jpg

Here is your step-by-step guide
to unlocking an upgraded
tendon treatment approach

Gamify 8.jpg
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