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Our Team.

We're a handful of researchers based remotely across 4 countries who all work on this project part-time. Each one of us takes on a different role depending on our areas of strength.

We've each had our individual frustrations with research dissemination and translation into clinical practice throughout our careers, which is why we're so excited to be making a difference in this space. If you're a physiotherapist, physical therapist or any healthcare provider working in the area of performance, injury and recovery - we're here for you.

Stephanie Parker

Admin & Operations

Who are you: A book-lover


Favourite movie: Pride & Prejudice (2005)


Best dog: Cocker Spaniel


A great song: All Too Well


Meaning of life: Good food, great wine, incredible books, fantastic friends

Matty Edwards

Tech & Finance

Abigail Harling

Research & Partnerships

Kyle van Heerden

Presenting & Copywriting

Who are you: A one-size-fits-none


Favourite movie: 21 Jump Street


Best dog: Labrador


A great song: Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time


Meaning of life: Beating Elon and Jared Leto to Mars

Who are you: An adventurer


Favourite movie: Up


Best dog: Pug


A great song: Cover Me In Sunshine


Meaning of life: To create memories with those we love

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unnamed (2).jpg

Who are you: A renegade


Favourite movie: About Time


Best dog: Staffie


A great song: Dancing In The Dark


Meaning of life: More coffee, please

Quick Introduction

What is Research Raconteur?

How many long and boring lectures have you sat through just to get clinical tools, tips and tactics?

On the other hand, how many stories have you watched or read where you felt pulled in and transformed into a different person afterward?

Raconteurs are storytellers.

Here at Research Raconteur, we're a small group of researchers who know the power of an engaging story, so this is where we combine our obsession with the latest injury rehab research with our love for stories.

unnamed (3).jpg


Cutting-edge knowledge

for Physiotherapists & Physical Therapists

unnamed (5).jpg

Clinical courses to turn you into
an evidence-based expert

Upskilling & Equipping Clinicians:

"It's like watching a series.

You know you don't have time to watch another episode but you want to so you do.

When attending a talk or course, I usually struggle to focus for even half an hour but because the videos were short, I felt accomplished after each one and I could take a break every 10 to 15 minutes.

I found the layout very user friendly and I liked that I could work through it in my own time."

- Kalinka Terre Blanche

Clinician at Rainsford Biokinetics

"The way the course was set up was so ideal.

If I could fit the whole course in one day, I think I would have. But it's like a series. Every time you're like one more episode, just one more, one more module.


From the beginning, I understood the flow right until the end. It was very user friendly.


The materials help you stay on top of the game for every session you go into. "


- Jodie Vermeulen

Clinician at SA Biokinetics INC

"You went a step further and said how can we practically implement this with the client.

Most courses they would just say yes instead of using this, use this, and that's pretty much the end of it.


But they don't really get into the specifics of, okay, how would you change your approach if you're using method B instead of your usual method?


And that's what I also love about that specific module."


- Brendon Marais

Clinician at bmbio

"Definitely a lot of value for money"

"and enthusiasm for your career. The other thing was the practical advice. Lots of info but broken down into steps: practical steps. "

- Annamarie van Zyl

Clinician at van Zyl Wait Biokineticists

"This has been like Christmas for me"


"I'm very scientific and I try to be as evidence-based as I can. And this has been like christmas for me; learning and doing this course."

- Christie Wolhuter

Clinician at CW Biokinetics

Equipping clinicians to practice at the highest level:

clinician 1.png

"Best possible motivation to lose that tyre around the waist"

- Dr Leigh Gordon

Sports Physician

clinicain 2.jpg

"A whole new avenue
to be able to help people"


- Rochelle Duarte
Clinician at Biogrit

"thoroughly researched and very clearly presented and explained to me in a way that I feel I can start tomorrow"


- Dr Natalie Christie

(Clinician in Port Alfred)

"helped me to understand my rapid weight loss in response to intense exercise.”



- Martinette Basson

(Clinician in Stellenbosch)

“The info was explained in a easy and practical manner so that a lay person could understand and remember much better."


- Petro Waanders

(Clinician in Potchefstroom)

Empowering professional athletes to compete at the highest level

athlete 1.png

"The margins at the top of the sport are so small and knowing what I do now, I am confident that I can be one step ahead of my competition."

- Henri Schoeman
(Olympic Medal Winner)

athlete 2.png

"This gives me confidence in my training and racing."


- Philip Buys
(Olympic Athlete/ African Mountain Bike Champion)

athlete 3.png

"now I have a better understanding of how I perform. Now I can work on that and make my natural strengths even better.”

- Pieter du Toit
(Professional Cyclist)

Informing our patients of the latest evidence:

"I now understand how to structure my training in terms of endurance and power/strength and that I can benefit from adding power/strength training to my program."


- Martinus Victor

(Managing Director at Victor Soap Industries)

"I feel empowered to recover well, avoid injury, and build strength. Thank you!”

- Raynique Ducie

(Director of a PR & Marketing Agency)

I have learnt how to reach my full potential in training. I was grateful for Kyle being able to take what I was doing before and adjust it by making small but extremely helpful ones."

- Sarah Lutz


"Looking forward to adopt a new and improved training plan, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses in MY cells in terms of, not only types of exercise, but also predisposition to possible injuries and recovery ability.”


- Ane Eicker

(Payroll Accountant)

“I learnt a great deal about my body, my sporting ability and what works for me."

- Jono Ducie

(Communications Manager)

Community first. Then coffee.

Evidence Based Summit 2022

2 000 healthcare professionals from over 40 countries came together to learn from more than 30 clinical experts who shared their years of knowledge, experience and insight.

EBS toolkit.png

Attendees left equipped and upskilled on the latest performance, injury and recovery research within the athletic community.

unnamed (4).png

On the 13th to the 17th of June 2022, we held a 5 Day Challenge in a pop-up Facebook group where we worked through daily live training videos, hosted live Q & A sessions and completed daily prompts while giving away awesome daily prizes.


Over the 5 days, clinicians learned:


Day 1) 5 things you need to know before you give feedback on a genetic report (+ how much you can charge).


Day 2) Using injury genetics to upgrade your evaluations.


Day 3) Powering up your prescriptions with Performance Genetics.


Day 4) Making Recovery Genetics practical and applicable.


Day 5) A Behind-The-Scenes pass to sit in on an actual feedback session with a client

Clinical Strength Series

From the 20th of October to the 4th of November 2022, we hosted a series of interviews and webinars with expert clinicians who have years of experience in different fields of strength.


We learned about all the best strength research and evidence-based tips, tricks and tactics from:

1) A champion powerlifter

2) An ultra-marathon runner & Ironman

3) Clinical healthcare software creators

4) A strength & performance researcher

unnamed (5).png

You're in world-class company:

Thousands of clinicians from over 40 countries trust us

to bring them the latest studies in performance, injury & recovery research.

"These updates help me keep up to date on physiotherapy

evidence-based interventions without needing to search for it in databases.

It really does save time, effort and energy.

My favourite thing is that it is very convenient to learn and read with breakdowns of the information into attractive bite size pieces, making it easy for the reader to digest."

- Candace Goh

"The clinical updates have been a great way to stay up-to-date

on some of the research I may have missed, and also have out some of the grunt work taken out of looking for the research myself while still staying on top of the evidence.

My favorite part of the weekly updates is how easy they are to read!"

- Samantha Greig

"These updates save me a lot of time

and I inform my patients of the updates and what the latest research tells us.

The summary of the articles give me

the most important data in a short but potent way.

Saving me time."

- Denise Gous

"The updates help a lot

in that I'm able to recap on the literature we learned in varsity and it goes more in depth which always helps and it gets me in the groove to read more articles.

My favourite thing about the weekly research updates is how recent the articles are and the humour in the email."

- Bheki Motau

"As a full-time clinician,

there are times when you encounter a rush of patients which reduces the amount of time and effort you may provide to reading research.

This is where these research updates become most useful.

Short and crisp with highlighted findings make the job easier and more effective."

- Payal Adwani

"Just a quick thank you for these emails. Trying to treat patients, get admin done and stay on top of research is such a challenge. 

But these emails make things just a little easier!!"

- Meg Steyn

"The updates have helped stay up to date with research

and there is the added bonus that I am don’t have to sift through all the other articles to find it.

My favourite thing is that

the research is clinically relevant

and easy to understand (even the small bits of information before being given the full article.)"

- Keegan Willemse

"Getting synopses of research weekly enables me to

quickly learn about things that are relevant in the setting where I work

without spending hours researching and analyzing

papers for quality of research to see if something might apply where I work."

- Alyson Hackett

"I have found these updates helpful.

I find the content has a nice variability and covers conditions often seen in an out patient private practice

and therefore very relevant."

- Candace Goh

"Your weekly research update is facilitating me to

change my practices

despite of conventional practice.

I also discuss them with my colleagues in my workplace."

- Rasiah Rakunaraj

"Reading the research and getting better ideas of how we can get the best results for our patients is always welcomed.


Nice summarised version which is relatively quick to look through.

Your twist on presenting the research is always fun.

Not too much information all at once and hence the information is digestible and can be worked on. "

- Dr Ron van As

"I am glad to say your updates helped me a lot.


Our profession is changing at a very fast pace, sometimes I struggle as a full time clinician to find time to look for new information, sometimes I find the amount of info is overwhelming and confusing.

Your updates save me time and energy, they're very short and on point.

Thank you so much for your effort, I really appreciate it."

- Dr. Eiman Alkhezi

"The Updates have helped me

to be acquainted with information that

guides my practice as a clinician.

My favourite thing about the weekly Research Updates is that it is usually succinct."

- Akinwande Oluwadamilare

"Ensuring I get a summary of the latest papers and then

I can go deeper

into them if I find them relevant for me."

- Bryce Jackson

"I find these updates so helpful.


It is often so difficult to find time to read articles when you have your own practice.

Between seeing patients and running your practice it becomes difficult to make sure that you are up to date on the latest rehab techniques and new studies that's been done.


I used to spend hours

trying to find relevant articles that actually helps me to treat my patients better.


These updates makes it so easy and the best part is

you can apply what you read in your practice.


I really feel that it makes a huge difference in my practice and if i need to read the whole article it is right at my finger tips.


My favorite thing about these weekly updates is that

I learn something new every week

and then I apply that to my rehab.

I love the fact that I can tell a patient I read this article about their injury and this is the latest an greatest new research about it.

They love it as well.


It is like breath of fresh air in my practice."

- Drienie Loock

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