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Research Quest on Algorithm for return to running  post-ACLR

16 min video

A guide to helping patients decide when to return to running and a step-by-step program for success.

Research Quest on exercise during pregnancy

20 min video

Discover how to reduce the risk of incontinence by 52%, which exercises make up a pelvic floor muscle training program, and when it is safe to do these exercises.

Research Quest on how to avoid stress fractures when running

1 min read

Discover what dragons have to do with preventing stress fractures while running.

Research Quest on patellar vs quad tendinopathy

1 min read

How does a quadriceps tendinopathy loading program differ from a patellar tendon program? We examine Jumper's knee and why knee flexion and squat depth matter.

Research Quest on ACL accelerated rehab

1 min read

Could you speed up the ACLR rehab with one simple addition? We explore the research to find out.

Research Quest on Queen Elizabeth & frozen shoulders

1 min read

Shoulder mobilisation for frozen shoulders (with a feature from the late Queen Elizabeth)

Research Quest on the sciatica-piriformis debate

1 min read

Are we over-diagnosing Piriformis Syndrome?

Research Quest on whether pronation causes shin splints or not

1 min read

Discover a step-by-step guide to check whether your patient is over-pronating or not.

1 min read

Research Quest on why fake surgeries help knee pain

Can a full or partial meniscus tear be fixed through meniscectomy surgery? We look at sham surgeries in Finland to compare results.

Research Quest on testing muscle capacity

1 min read

Comparing RPE to RIR-based RPE scales for muscle testing

Research Quest on sciatica clinical tests

1 min read

Here is how the extended straight leg raise differs from the normal straight leg raise for sciatica clinical tests.

Research Quest on PRP vs placebo

1 min read

Is PRP injection better than placebo for ankle osteoarthritis? We compare the results.

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